Our Advisory Team consists of an entire range of professional expertise due to the bespoke nature of our projects.  These include:

  • Pre-qualified trust and estate practitioners
  • Family governance expert
  • Fine Art market & industry professionals
  • Asset & Wealth Manager
  • Luxury Real Estate expert
  • Specialist law firms or professionals
  • Tax specialists
  • Risk Manager
  • Technical Due Diligence and Assessment
  • Legal and Financial Due Diligence
  • Project Management
  • Education, Counselling & Relationship Management professionals specific to Family Office

Festina Lente operates thanks to an extensive network of professionals as a result of having excellent relationships, outstanding background, shrewd know-how and personal reliability.

Our standards for execution of products include:

  • Experience:   Only with highly qualified and accredited experts in their field, and with substantial track-record experience.  Our company will ensure a coherent project management, assuring best practices and end delivery.
  • Network of professionals:  Contributing their different skills to the structuring of our transactions and projects, with whom Festina Lente has a consolidated relationship of mutual reliance.
  • Fine Arts, Real Estate, Asset, Wealth, Technical, Legal, and Financial Expertise & Integrity:  With regards to Fine Arts, we aim to create benchmark investment projects that create value for clients.
  • For Family Offices, Festina Lente prides itself in nurturing exclusive and long-term relationships with our Clients as a priority in our business, since we recognise the reality and importance of Family, Legacy, Multi-generational Planning and Wealth Protection.  We are sensitive to those values that make each family distinct.

Festina Lente Wealth Art Advisory Ltd.


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Festina Lente has representatives in the UK, Italy and Eastern Europe.

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