Wealth Protection & Implementation of Maximising Value for Fine Arts & Heritage Trophy Assets within Family Office Planning


The family office wealth management industry is larger and growing faster than ever before.  Individuals and firms are looking to establish a single-family office, taking into account their particular Heritage assets, such as Fine Art collection and Trophy or Historic Real Estate.  This is especially true in areas of the world where wealthy families and individuals previously had little-to-no access to wealth management firms or consolidated expertise all in one place.


We can assist a family or an individual with establishing a dedicated family office that offers complete financial and wealth management expertise and a personal CFO for the ultra-affluent, often providing investment, charitable giving, budgeting, insurance, taxation, and multi-generational guidance to an individual or family, all in one office.


Services include:

  • Organise, coordinate and execute a comprehensive diagnosis and valuation of the family or institutions consolidated assets.
  • Assist in preparing a Wealth Management & Implementation Plan towards maximising their Family Heritage Assets’ value, considering fiscal, technical, and financial tenets.
  • Suggest a tailored approach towards establishing a Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV), and provide assistance to the Family during implementation.
  • Indicate Family Governance solutions for the family portfolio:  The Family Constitution:  This describes the articles of a family constitution, specifying (to just name a few):
  • Why your family is in business, for how long and how the family intends to manage their wealth.
  • The values, standards and expectations with regards to central values of the family
  • Ownership, inheritance and succession
  • Responsibilities of family members
  • Support for personal development,
  • Family council operating principals
  • Family and business agreements
  • Family employment and compensation policy, and stock agreements, to just name a few.
  • Assist with the selection of the right expertise to establish a Chief Heritage or Technical Office within the Family Office, for properly governing and monitoring Art, Heritage and Technical related issues and asset types.
  • Family Real Estate Portfolio & Asset Management:  Assist with creating value from stagnate Heritage real estate assets within the existing portfolio of the family, for mid-to-long term sustainable revenue objectives, in accordance to family governance and trans-generational planning and constitutions.



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