At Festina Lente, we understand that when it comes to Fine Art and Heritage Assets, we acknowledge that our business processes, and that of our Clients, have an impact that goes beyond the Company.


Festina Lente ACADEMIA is the Social Corporate Responsibility branch of the Company, with its main objective to bridge awareness between Finance and Culture in Society, which includes the following activities:

  • Corporate philanthropy
  • Patronage of cultural activities and events
  • Artist patronage and start-up of artist programmes
  • Education and awareness programmes
  • Scientific publications and exchange between finance, management and the Arts
  • Valorisation awareness programmes to improve the condition and economic re-integration of Public Heritage Assets at Risk
  • The promotion of Cultural Heritage


With more assets being managed, this means more responsibility towards the community and the future of Heritage & Culture in Society.  For this reason, ACADEMIA aims to facilitate this process, by contributing towards cultural, heritage and scientific projects, and for the promotion of these in society.


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Festina Lente has representatives in the UK, Italy and Eastern Europe.

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