Implementing strategies towards promotion and development of cultural heritage for current and future generations is essential for the social and economic well being of the future.  Festina Lente aims to support innovative cultural heritage projects for small to medium sized institutions or foundations, whose activities extend to:

  • business planning for cultural heritage
  • planning temporary events and exhibitions
  • research projects involving technology from innovation companies with cultural & fine art professionals
  • designing and implementing financial programmes for conserving and enhancing permanent collections and facilities.
  • financing archaeological excavations and archaeological valorisation projects
  • financing the restoration, conservation and valorisation of important art works or monuments of public heritage value & significance
  • valorisation of ancient libraries and historic scientific collections
  • financing the valorisation and conservation of endangered artisan traditions through innovation and continued sustainable development


This is accomplished through promotion, development and sponsorship, either directly by Festina Lente or through the participation and/or contribution on the part of philanthropic or CSR divisions of our Clients.



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Festina Lente has representatives in the UK, Italy and Eastern Europe.

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