The museum experience has excelled and transformed within the last decades in many countries where institutional and financial programmes allowed for museums to become “powerhouses” for culture.  This has happened through a trend in development, promotion and conservation, with a strategy towards integrating heritage in society for present and future generations, while at the same time, creating heritage value and economic sustainability for museums.


Through this specific CSR programme, Festina Lente aims to support small-to-medium sized museums, both privately and publicly owned, for projects related (and not limited) to:

  • Business planning
  • Expansion of art collections,
  • Brand management and internationalisation
  • Digitalisation of heritage assets
  • Facility improvement (or expansion)
  • Financial strategy for Museums
  • Marketing
  • Financing of projects & partnerships with financial institutions
  • Strategic partnering with other museum or cultural heritage institutions


This is accomplished through promotion, development and sponsorship, either directly by Festina Lente or through the participation and/or contribution on the part of philanthropic or CSR divisions of our Clients.



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