In many countries, there is a current need to properly manage in a more effective way, assets that have both tangible and intangible value, such as historic and  trophy real estate.  Due to high conservation and management costs, limited access to heritage funding, complex permitting and technical procedures, these assets are risking stagnate, non-optimised or even distressed asset status within Family or Institutional portfolios and balance sheets.


Festina Lente assists institutions in improving the status of their real estate asset portfolio, distressed or trophy/ historic real estate, so that it becomes a positive asset on the balance sheet and/or will allow the product to be attractive and ready for any type of return on investment operation or re-investment/disinvestment follow-up either internally or with the participation of a capital partner, for example.


Never before has the need for proper and future-minded, comprehensive business management and implementation for Heritage Asset portfolios been so important for Families or Institutions whose wealth extends to the challenge (and at times, burden) of owning substantial historic real estate and fine art assets, whose artistic, historic, cultural and social value can positively contribute towards legacy, while at the same time offering potentially exceptional returns and low correlation to risks of other investments.



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