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About Us

Based in London, Festina Lente Wealth Art Advisory operates and exports its expertise also within continental Europe...

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Thanks to a unique synergy and our common company values for excellent practice, we have the privilege to partner with Vasaris, specifically for our art advisory, appraisals, art consultancy and evaluation projects...

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Festina Lente adopts a flat rate of Eur 800/ GBP 650 per expert per day with the option of dividing or multiplying this basic fee according to the amount of time and work involved...

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Investing in Fine Art is investing in a Legacy.  We consider each client, family or institution unique.  Combining excellent service, industry expertise, and professionalism....

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Clients of Festina Lente include: Ultra High Net Worth Individual Investors, owners of fine art assets and collectors; Property owners of historic or trophy real estate....

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Investment Philosophy

Fine Art Selection:  both qualitative and quantitative combination of industry and /or fine art target research, analysis, and selection, to determine best value and momentum for long-term investment...

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Festina Lente Wealth Art Advisory Ltd.


Salisbury House, London Wall

London EC2M 5QZ

United Kingdom

Tel. +44 (0) 20 32902594


Festina Lente has representatives in the UK, Italy and Eastern Europe.

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