Art appraisals:  including fine art, antiquities and artistic decorations of historic real estate properties.  Valuations are carried out for the purpose of the division or allocation of inheritance, the monitoring on inventories, insurance valuations, legal art and value related issues, etc.


Insurance estimates:  essential for ensuring the correct level of insurance coverage for any type of heritage asset or art work.


Estate Planning & Inheritance division related art appraisals:  taken in consideration not only the value of the objects, the stakeholders map, but also the time and expense involved in the event of sale or valorisation.


IAS-IFRS valuations:  formulated according to RICS standards, regarding artistic property on the balance sheet of institutions and companies.


Sales Consultancy: includes a brief report indicating the unique properties of the asset, existing and proposed attributes, identifying its strong points essential for achieving a best possible price, identifying the right market and the most advantageous method for a sale.  For Heritage Real Estate, see “Opportunity Analysis”.


Financial Services & Advisory: We can advise and assist in identifying the right financial arrangement for implementing a wealth maximising plan with regards to valorising previously stagnate fine art & real estate assets.


Festina Lente prides itself in nurturing exclusive and long-term relationships with our Clients as a priority in our business, since we recognise the reality and importance of Family and Legacy.  We are sensitive to those values, which make each family distinct.



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