Fine Art is an important component of financial planning and portfolio diversification strategy for sophisticated investors.  Investing wisely, Art’s potentially high returns and low correlation to other investments require serious attention as a long-term investment.  These sophisticated investors are looking to:

  • Protect themselves from losses by increasing the ratio of non-correlated instruments in their portfolios.
  • Create more dynamic asset allocations by making greater use of these sophisticated strategies.



  • Assist investors to integrate art into their over-all wealth management strategy
  • Assist constructing their own bespoke art portfolio
  • Assemble a team of art experts
  • Develop a buy-list of strategic investments in works of art (that demonstrate high potential for Value Creation)
  • Strategic and tactical investment in Art
  • Active management of a collection
  • Structuring a bespoke art investment vehicle
  • Determining art investment strategy, objectives, and portfolio structure
  • Risk Management





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