We find that Heritage, Trophy and Luxury Real Estate in particular show a strong correlation with the uppermost end of the fine arts segment in contrast to the overall housing market, and is perceived by the investor community as “safe chests” for wealth.


As part of our services, we provide important Diagnosis Assessments, Planning and Implementation of Advisory Services, including:

  • Technical Due Diligence including Verification of Heritage, Urban Planning and Technical status
  • Taxation Assessment
  • Verification of Cash-flow opportunities (maximising cash revenues), micro-macro economic analysis and assessment of scenarios, and defining and testing assumptions.
  • Assessment to reduce Costs / Increase in Revenue from the current state
  • Provide indications & recommendations towards maximising benefits of wealth for the portfolio in question.
  • Prepare a Strategic Implementation Plan, and assistance during Execution.
  • Financial Management for Real Estate (liquidity management, etc.).
  • Investment-side Project Management for Real Estate (Action plan & time scheduling, costs & revenue evaluation during Implementation, technical and financial feasibility studies, surveys, conformity, documents management, general project management during design, construction, handover and commercial and/or functional upstart, etc.)






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