• Investing in Fine Art is investing in a Legacy. We consider each client, family or institution unique.  Combining excellent service, industry expertise, and professionalism, we are dedicated to understanding the client's otherwise unmet needs.
  • Bring a strong project management culture to a humanistic platform for Wealth Protection and Value Creation.
  • The role and importance of Trust is essential for the constitution of long-term relationships, both with our Clients and our partners & consultants.  Trust is obtained thanks to the manner and the consistency for which we engage:  with integrity, loyalty, honesty and most importantly, with responsibility.
  •  When it comes to our Clients, we operate with the up-most confidentiality and discretion.  Any potential conflicts of interest are verified before starting any project, and if identified we inform our Clients immediately to the fact.
  •  Rigorous control and management of Risks is essential.  Maximum transparency and professionalism through experience provides credibility and substance.
  • Ensure consistent Client Reviews, in order to understand better the Client's wealth needs along the way,  leading to create better and longer lasting relationships with Clients.
  • Combining passion for Art into Value Creation & Giving
  • Preserving assets for future generations
  • Creating wealth with Art & Trophy and Historic Real Estate
  • Fostering best practice in Family wealth governance.
  • Understanding the full aspects of Family Office governance (Taxation, Investments, Charity, and Generation Wealth Planning).
  • Serving collecting families or institutions with exceptional Art wealth, and to help them realise that their treasured collection can become a valuable financial asset.
  • We believe in Value Investing and Social significance that Art has as giving back to the Community.



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Festina Lente has representatives in the UK, Italy and Eastern Europe.

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